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If you’ve seen this movie you’d agree that this is a must see. Limitless, based on the book The Dark Fields by Alan Glynn, follows a down-and-out author Eddie Morra before and after his encounter with his ex-brother-in-law who deals him an unknown pill for free. This drug is the key factor of the plot, something that causes tension, […]

Titan AE

Being a box office flop, losing 50% of the production value, Titan AE, turns out to still be an amazing movie. In the distant future, aliens attack earth destroying it and leaving the surviving humans as space renegade, the minority of the galaxy. Cale, a boy is saved last minute by his father who leaves […]

That Thing You Do!

For the first Fixing Netflix recommendation I decided to choose a classic of my early childhood. For the longest time I thought That Thing You Do! was based on a true story, that’s how well it was constructed with its charm and believablity. It’s a fine mixture of drama and comedy that has any viewer smiling […]

General Purpose of Fixing Netflix

If you have been keeping up with the news of what kind of scrutiny Netflix has been under for the past 6 months or so I’m guessing you’re just as outraged as I was. A company that is shutting down Hollywood Videos, crippling Blockbusters and forcing RedBox to raise their prices by a few cents […]