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That Thing You Do!


For the first Fixing Netflix recommendation I decided to choose a classic of my early childhood. For the longest time I thought That Thing You Do! was based on a true story, that’s how well it was constructed with its charm and believablity. It’s a fine mixture of drama and comedy that has any viewer smiling at every one-liner and silly montage.

That Thing You Do! is a simple story of a mid-60’s band that  finds fame by accidentally changing a love ballad into a pop tune by a one time replacement drummer at a local talent show. Their tune catches the ears of teens, talent management, radio and eventually big labels. As the band’s lives change so do the members’ and everyone around them.

For the first of the few times Tom Hanks wrote and directed and starred in this fictional biopic is about a Beatle like one-hit wonder band coincidentally named “The Wonders.” Even t
hough Tom Hanks isn’t the main subject in this narrative he provides the star support and maintains the attention of the audience. Liv Tyler provides the love interest and the pretty face factor that ultimately decides the fate of “The Wonders.” The band characters are a brilliant cast of actors that have the memorable charm and unique personalities.

The heart of the story lies within these characters reactions to success; their motives and ambitions. It’s a common tale of a coming together, the rise and a falling apart of completely diverse people. While it’s fun to see their rise of popularity it’s even more heart-wrenching when things go wrong. It’s a real reminder that nothing gold can stay.

That Thing You Do! is a movie for everyone. It has the moments that sticks to the viewer and memorable enough to go back to it time after time.

Add it to your Insta-queue ASAP!

What are your thoughts on this movie? Worth the time of watching? Let me know in the comments!


One comment on “That Thing You Do!

  1. Great! Now that song is stuck in my head. It will be there all week! It’s a god thing I like it. Nice blog.

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