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Titan AE

Being a box office flop, losing 50% of the production value, Titan AE, turns out to still be an amazing movie.

In the distant future, aliens attack earth destroying it and leaving the surviving humans as space renegade, the minority of the galaxy. Cale, a boy is saved last minute by his father who leaves him a ring which ends up being a genetically accessed map to another space ship that holds the properties of creating and maintaining another earth for the abandoned humans. The narrative hops to an older Cale who finds out his destiny through a Han Solo-like space ruffian Captain Joseph Korso who makes him aware of his father’s intentions for his son’s journey. Along with the rough captain, another alien sidekick, a nerdy mastermind and a strong-willed female human who, of course, becomes the eye-candy and love interest of the hero. And so it goes. Typical fantasy protagonist destined for something bigger than him.

The look of this movie is what so appealing to any viewer. The integration of traditional animation with CGI give it the wow factor. It’s polished with memorable space landscapes, action and smooth camera movements. The voices are manned by notable actors: Matt Damon, Drew Barrymore, Bill Pullman, Nathan Lane and John Leguizamo. You would never know this though if you hadn’t looked on IMDb first. The studio should have went with less-knowns as to save them from the deficit at the end of exhibition because the pull of this movie isn’t the the voice acting, it’s the thrill of epic journey of giving human race a new home.

Another aspect that can’t be easily forgotten or ignored was the soundtrack. Every track enhanced the experience of being in a space epic without pulling you out of it. The music gave the smooth camera movements more fluidity so it almost became a mini music videos.,

Over, this has to be a family favorite. Great for all who enjoy the stereotypical sci-fi space thrill. It’s just a shame that the public didn’t realize its brilliance when it was at the box office.

Instant Stream, again if you’ve seen it already. What do you think of it? Is it worth the credit I give it?


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