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Robin Hood: Men In Tights

After a week of break so I can watch some Oscar nominated movies, I’m back at my Wii watching Instant Netflix. So, for this week I’m choosing a casual watch; something that takes little brain power, what you can put in the background and something that is straight up fun. Robin Hood: Men In Tights is […]

The Graduate

If you know me, I’m one for a good laugh. Humor is needed in our lives to relieve tension and stress and to help with understanding. This goes double for movies. In movies there must be humor so that the movie doesn’t have that drag effect. No one wants to be totally depressed for the […]

Breaking Bad

There is an abundance of TV shows on Netflix. Those with high reputation like How I Met Your Mother, Arrested Development and Glee. And others that no one cares to ever watch like Supernatural, Blue Mountain State or Trailer Park Boys. Other TV shows serve as a continual narrative which captivates fans to watch every single episode, follow each characters arc and understand […]

Rabbit Hole

This is definitely a departure from mainstream movies that are out today. For the most part the public is wrapped up in CGI, fast action cuts, and unlikely heroes and villains. People want to be taken out of their own world and be placed in a reality where anything is possible. We no longer live in […]

Best Worst Movie

My last post was about a found-footage film/faux documentary. This week is about the real thing but the content is extraordinary. Best Worst Movie is a 90 minute documentary about a 1999 independent film Troll 2 (which happens also to be on Netflix Instastream). Troll 2 is described as the worst movie in all of history of […]

The Last Exorcism

Warning: do not even consider this movie if you’re not the kind that can take true horror films. If you can, continue to read. My wife and I had the opportunity to see The Last Exorcism in theaters when it came out. We have always been into scary movies but found good fun and real terror in […]

Star Trek

Did you know that Star Trek was on Netflix? No, not the original series with the younger William Shatner, or Deep Space Nine or Voyager or the Next Generation or the animated series no one has ever heard of. J.J. Abrams re-imagination of the classic series is on Netflix. It can be rightly compared to Christopher Nolan’s version […]