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Star Trek

Did you know that Star Trek was on Netflix? No, not the original series with the younger William Shatner, or Deep Space Nine or Voyager or the Next Generation or the animated series no one has ever heard of. J.J. Abrams re-imagination of the classic series is on Netflix. It can be rightly compared to Christopher Nolan’s version of Batman as it takes a familiar face and recognizable characters and adds another dimension entirely. Truthfully, Star Trek as a franchise has never intrigued me, it never caught my attention. I’m more of a Star Wars nerd than anything else. But this version had the excitement and story to grip not only me but millions of other viewers.

There aren’t any other movies that I can think of that has an opening scene that stands above the rest. Star Trek begins with most intense scene of space attack I’ve ever scene. It’s coupled with foreshadowing of center of the plot involving Spock and the birth of the main character legendary James T. Kirk while his father George Kirk (Chris Hemsworth) saved an entire ship got destroyed. Near the end of the scene the music serves to bring out the emotion of the Kirk father and mother share the joy of having a new-born and despair of the disaster. This scene alone makes the movie worthwhile.

The rest of the narrative follows two different individuals: aforementioned James Kirk and the Vulcan Spock. Kirk (played by Chris Pine) has a lot to live up to by having a famous father who saved countless lives in under 12 minutes in his captain position of the fatal Romulan attack. He’s an overly confident ladies-man who is naturally gifted in star fleet leadership. He does everything he can to live up to his father’s reputation even if it means tarnishing his own.

Our other main character, Spock, is played by Zachary Quinto from Heroes fame. His crazy resemblance to Leonard Nimoy isn’t the only selling part of his performance; it’s his poise and determination to do good that makes the character so enticing to watch. Spock has a Vulcan father and human mother making him an automatic handicap and prejudice according to his Vulcan peers. He’s expected to not act on the human emotion and to maintain the essential Vulcan logistical process. As hard as that can be it’s a constant factor of his decision, especially when his planet gets swallowed up with his mother still on board making him an endangered species. With these two very diverse working characters ramming heads makes the tension more desirable to watch.

Although they’re not the only workable cast members. Each actor is cast just right to pay loyal homage to the original characters and the actors that played them. The screenwriters gave every character their respected amount of time and importance in their own sphere. The plot ensues time travel which gives enough reason to cameo Leonard Nimoy to reprise his original role as Spock which is a treat for older fans, I’m sure.

J.J. Abrams does an amazing job with his directing having a clean image on each frame. One of his trademark that can also be noticed on Super 8 enhance the look is the glare of each light. Something that is little but very effective to the overall look. The set pieces are uniform in design and well thought out to take any viewer into a livable space. Each action scene is well constructed to provide tension and entertainment.

I really don’t need to tell you all this. You’ve probably watch Star Trek just as much as I have and found the same enjoyment as I have.

So, in case you didn’t know it’s able to stream on Netflix. Check it out and enjoy!


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