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Best Worst Movie

My last post was about a found-footage film/faux documentary. This week is about the real thing but the content is extraordinary.

Best Worst Movie is a 90 minute documentary about a 1999 independent film Troll 2 (which happens also to be on Netflix Instastream). Troll 2 is described as the worst movie in all of history of cinema. It ranks a whooping #82 on IMDb’s bottom 100, has 0% on RottenTomatoes.com and has the worst reputation of any movie. From the looks of the movie it has nothing going for it. From what I gather, Troll 2, is about a family that goes on a trip and encounters weird goblins whose goal is to turn them into trees for them to be eaten. Pretty ridiculous, right?  The acting is horrible, unrealistic special effects, and a silly plot that hasn’t won over any mainstream audience.

This documentary follows the star of Troll 2, George Hardy and his perspective of the disaster of a movie. After watching it after the initial release he thought of it as a throw away movie, something to be discarded and not to be talked about ever again. We get insight about how the other cast members look at it and it just so happens to be the same way. Then we find out something amazing about it; Troll 2 has a massive cult following.

Hardy finds this out by the documentary makers and takes him on a tour of sorts to screenings and Q&As all over the country. From LA to Montreal to Salt Lake City there are pockets of loyal fans that have their own Troll 2 parties, throw their own screenings and sell self-made merchandise. They are die hard to the max. Their defense of loving this movie has to do with the heart of it; they see it as the most honest movie. Their love is like a middle finger to the critics and to anyone that believes Troll 2 is trash. They love it for what it is.

Our journey through the movie finds different perspectives from all who are involved in the movie; from fans, to every single actor, to the director, writer and editor. Each has their own personal take and devotion. Director of Troll 2, Claudio Fragasso, has a very personal take on his movie, meaning that he takes even the slightest criticisms like the audience laughing at a part where it’s not supposed to be funny as an insult. As we visit from actor to actor with George Hardy they reenact the favorite parts of the movie which is an awesome thing to see them have fun with.

I would advise this movie for anyone that is just curious, as I was. Best Worst Movie, really fuzzes the line for any movie to determine what is a “good movie” and what is a “bad movie.” It shows that good movies just have to entertain and move the audience and that big budgets, six-figure actors and the best script writing is second to the heart of a narrative.

Best Worst Movie is now on Netflix’s Instant Stream for you to enjoy.


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