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Rabbit Hole

This is definitely a departure from mainstream movies that are out today. For the most part the public is wrapped up in CGI, fast action cuts, and unlikely heroes and villains. People want to be taken out of their own world and be placed in a reality where anything is possible. We no longer live in the era of Marlon Brando or Elizabeth Taylor where acting is the primary ingredient in effective movie making.  Rabbit Hole is a drama of drama’s. There’s nothing fantastic about it. It’s about people and their life.

Rabbit Hole is a story of a husband and wife who lost their 4 year old in an accident. Becca, played by Nicole Kidman, is the wife who has different coping mechanisms than her husband Howie, played by Aaron Eckhart. Trying to understand why her son was taken is what motivates Becca for understanding, she meets up with the boy that caused the accident and tries to rid the memories of her son. She becomes jealous of her recently pregnant sister and lashes out on her mother for comparing her son’s death to Becca’s. Howie, on the other hand, embraces the memory of his son by watching old videos on his phone, returns to group therapy and holds onto his memories. Coming to peace over an unexpected death isn’t easy, I’m sure, and Rabbit Hole illustrates it perfectly.

Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart are remarkable in their chemistry and acting abilities during the 90 minutes of screen time. Every word and action they make isn’t forced but organic in their frame of space. Their emotions are glued onto the screen without anything there to hide them.

If you’re into dramas and actually feeling something with the characters then Rabbit Hole is right for perfect for you.


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