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Robin Hood: Men In Tights

After a week of break so I can watch some Oscar nominated movies, I’m back at my Wii watching Instant Netflix.

So, for this week I’m choosing a casual watch; something that takes little brain power, what you can put in the background and something that is straight up fun. Robin Hood: Men In Tights is a Mel Brooks comedy classic. What I love about (most) of Brooks’ is that he takes something familiar and he parodies it. He’s done this with Star Wars, Frankenstein and Dracula. In these movies Brooks takes the classic tales and puts his comical spin on it while still staying true to the story, for the most part. At least this is the way he handled the ye olde tale of Robin Hood.

Cary Elwes (of Princess Bride fame) stars as the comical, likable and charismatic Prince of Thieves. As legend tells, Robin is along side King Richard in the Crusades when he gets captures and returns to his home of Sherwood Forest to find that the King’s steward brother has abusing his powers by over-taxing the peasants. Robin takes it as his responsibility to lead a rebellion against the kingdom. Along his way he falls in love with Maid Marian, creates a vendetta with Sheriff of Rottingham, and gathers a group of locals to help in his goal. The beautiful thing about parodies is that you can bring in all kinds of references of other popular movies giving even more familiarity and making the audience feel clever when they get these references.

Robin Hood: Men in Tights has its jokes that causes some groans and eye rolls; what comedy doesn’t have these jokes that don’t land perfectly on its feet. For the most part it’s a great watch, you’ll have some literal lols and you’ll appreciate the witty narrative.

Go ahead and stream and tell me what you think!


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