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Late week post. One of two, great movies to watch this weekend.

The first is something that the majority of pretty much everyone hasn’t heard of. I didn’t until I was scraping the barrel of the Netflix by scanning my favorite actors to see what they’ve been in. I was surprised to see how many big names feature in low budget independent films. What I appreciate about these kind of movies is that it really has no boundaries of what it can and will do. The reason why big distribution companies don’t pick them up is because the premise and the narrative is so outlandish that they believe audiences won’t pick up the director’s vision. Usually they feel more authentic, they lay off the overuse of CGI (if they have any at all) and the acting takes top priority. I wish more people would pay attention to these little movies, they sure would enjoy them as much as I do.

This selection stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Lynn Collins as a couple whose fate is determined by a coin toss. But this time the viewer doesn’t just see the actual outcome of the flip; they see both of them. Bobby and Kate stand on the Brooklyn Bridge, flip the coin and boom, they both run opposite direction toward Queens and Manhattan and the story takes off. We see each possibility paralleling the other when we switch from one to another.

Manhattan is the more exciting timeline. Bobby and Kate hit the inner city for a date when they find a mysterious cell phone in the back of their taxi. When Bobby calls the recently called numbers he finds out that this it is very envied. Eventually they find out that the cell phone has important lottery information. Danger is around every corner as they try to return it to the non-threatening claimer for a good amount of money.

The Queens timeline serves as more of a back story of the couple. It’s way more relaxed and reveals more about Bobby and Kate’s relationship. Before they go to Kate’s family’s house for a get-together they find a stray dog which draws that parallel to the other story line. We find out about Kate’s background, occupation and family life. This half of the movie helps give the other half more support so the action isn’t nonsensical.

If the premise isn’t enough to keep you glued in your seat the cinematography will  make sure your eyes don’t detach from the screen. The action in Manhattan is well handled and well captured in the camera. To help the audience follow each timeline the Bobby and Kate where yellow in Manhattan and green in Queens. But somehow they carry that theme with the background, scenery and props reflect those same colors. It’s a small touch but also one that anyone can appreciate.

Caution to cautionary viewers: yes, it is rated NR (probably because it wasn’t distributed through studios) it’d get a soft rated R because of language and brief sexuality/nudity.

Anyway, it’s a wonderful, interesting movie that deserves more attention than it gets.


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