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If you have been keeping up with the news of what kind of scrutiny Netflix has been under for the past 6 months or so I’m guessing you’re just as outraged as I was. A company that is shutting down Hollywood Videos, crippling Blockbusters and forcing RedBox to raise their prices by a few cents shows what kind of muscle it has in its name. But one thing they did wrong: they kicked their consumers in the groin by raising their prices from 8 bucks per month for unlimited stream and one DVD by 60%. This wasn’t just wrong but incredibly stupid. Then of course the whole Qwikster split, then the abandonment was nothing but an excuse for the public to lower their confidence in their management.

Currently, the best deal Netflix has is its 8 dollar a month unlimited online streaming option. Like most of you, I dropped the mail-in DVD when they raised prices. When one logs into their account and looks through the choices their lost. Really? What is “Buffalo ’66″? Who has ever heard of the “Sicilian Girl”? Or even Mel Brooks’ “To Be or Not To Be”? I’m sure their all passable movies but who wants to take that chance in wasting one and a half to two hours of their time.

With this blog I aim to find and introduce to you, the reader, the best gems of what Netflix has to offer. I will recommend sure entertainers to sure popcorn munchers to heart warming dramas. I will make that 8 dollars a month worth it.


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